What our clients are saying about Soil Health Solutions. 

Des Warnock is widely recognized by his horticultural peers as an expert in his field. I respect his professional opinion on all things soil, nutrition and turf related.  Soil Health Solutions Testimonials

Annette McFarlane
Garden Writer
ABC Radio Gardening Talkback

I first met Des when setting up the Edible School Gardens programs and he was very supportive. Over the years Des has been my “go to” horticulturist for the latest in soil biology, plant health and most importantly best practices for nutrient dense organic food. I highly recommend his services.  Soil Health Solutions Testimonials

Leonie Shanahan HMAQ
Eat Your Garden, Organic Gardening Book, Elevate Your Energy and more!

Des’s detailed knowledge and excellent advice has greatly assisted us to provide detailed advice to customers  Soil Health Solutions Testimonials

Roger Rankine
Independent Arbourcultural Services

I have worked with Des for a number of years concentrating on plant/soil biology in order to cut down our use of chemicals and nutritional inputs. We have had great success controlling diseases and pests by improving soil biology and harnessing the power of this biology to increase the health and resistance in our turf. Des has been a tremendous help with coming up with plans to suit high performance turf surfaces using a more organic approach.  Soil Health Solutions Testimonials

Jarrod Bird
Project Manager
Programmed Property Services

I have learnt so much from Des over the years about soils and plant health. I always proudly tell my clients that we are using locally designed and formulated products on their garden at planting time.We get fabulous results.  Soil Health Solutions Testimonials

Megan Roe MAILDM
Megan Roe Landscape Design

About three years ago, our main oval at Sandgate Hawks was hard, patchy and we had huge water bills. Since implementing a soil health program by Soil Health Solutions, slowly but surely the surface recovered to have strong root growth resulting in excellent coverage, be resilient from the massive amounts of traffic we have, and recovers well from seasonal wear and tear. It’s the best I can recall seeing it.  Soil Health Solutions Testimonials

Dave Duncan
Head Groundsman since 1972
Sandgate Hawks

I was fortunate to have a soil report done by Soil Health Solutions prior to planting my fruit trees in my orchard. Thank goodness I did! The testing revealed excesses that would have compromised the tree's vitality and the advice given by the grower would have exacerbated the problem in my soil. Thank you, SHS for saving me the heartache and expense.  Soil Health Solutions Testimonials

Deb Cupples
Gympie South